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ALMA Announcements

10/19/20: ALMA Fall Trimester begins today!

See our ALMA Calendar for the year below.


2020-21 Calendar

Download the ALMA PDF Calendar HERE

Welcome Back! Week

Sept 7 - Sept 12 (1 week)

High Holiday Semester

Sept 14 - Oct 1 (3 weeks)

Sukkot Break: Oct 2-10

Teacher Week: Oct 12-16

Fall Trimester 

Oct 19 - Dec 19 (7 weeks)

Thanksgiving Break: Nov 25-29

Winter Break: Dec 23-Jan 3

*ALMA Fall Shabbat Service: Friday Dec 18 @ 5:30pm

Winter Trimester 

Jan 4 - Feb 26 (7 weeks)

February Break: Feb 13-20

*ALMA Winter Shabbat Service: Friday March 5 @ 5:30pm

Spring Trimester 

March 1 - April 30 (7 weeks)

Passover Break: March 27-April 4

Spring Break: April 17-24

Siyum Semester

May 3 - May 22 (3 weeks)

*ALMA Spring Shabbat Service: Friday May 21 @ 5:30pm


ALMA Leadership
Rabbi Jacob Fine, Director of Jewish Life

Molly Bajgot, Assistant Director of Jewish Life


CBI Education Committee
A standing committee within the synagogue, the Education Committee has the responsibility for planning and oversight of the religious school and youth programs and supports and advises the Director and Assistant Director of Jewish Life in their roles within these programs.  We support the development and implementation of curricula and learning models that spark or rekindle a lifelong passion for Jewish learning.  We prioritize the integration of the Jewish learning experience with all facets of CBI’s Vision.  Please contact Director of Jewish Life Jacob Fine at for more information.

Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781