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CBI Membership Form

Whether you have been connected to CBI for years or are new, we are delighted to have you join us as a member. 

As a member of CBI, you will be an integral part of our progressive Jewish community campus. CBI’s campus includes a synagogue associated with the Conservative movement, Abundance Farm, Gan Keshet Preschool, ALMA religious school, teen programming, adult education, havurah micro-communities, Tikkun Olam social justice work, and many more ways to live Jewishly and to be in community with others. Your dues helps make all of this possible.  


Please log into your account before filling out the form. If you have been receiving CBI emails, then you already have an account. If you do not have an account, you can send an email to amy@cbinorthampton.org to set one up. Logging in will allow you to pay by bank transfer  which will avoid credit card fees. You can also pay by credit card, but we ask you to pay the convenience fees, as well.

If you would like to set up monthly payments, please make sure the number of payments equals the number of months remaining in the fiscal year. Our fiscal year ends on June 30. 

If you prefer to pay by check, please make sure you are logged in, then choose "bill to account" in the payment section after submitting this form. Please send the check to CBI 253 Prospect St. Northampton, MA 01060, attention Amy Stein.




(first 5 years) 


Two-Adult Family 




$2,640.60 per year  
($220.05 per month) 

One-Adult Family 



$2,183.00 per year 
($181.92 per month) 




$1,811.20 per year 
($150.93 per month) 

Limited Membership* 

$737.00 one adult
$1,470.70 two adults 



Undergraduate students enrolled in area colleges 

No cost 

No fee 




If joining between
July 1—Sept. 30, 

If joining between
Oct. 1—Dec. 31, 

If joining between
Jan. 1—March 31, 

If joining between
April 1—June 30, 

Two-Adult Family 





One-Adult Family 










One-adult dual member 





Two-adult dual member 






Dual members (for those who have already have a “home” synagogue, those on Sabbatical, and those who live more than a few hours drive.  $670 for one adult, $1,337 for two adults. 


Many of our members pay less and some pay more than standard dues amounts.
Here are some guidelines to help you determine the amount that works for you. If you choose to pay non-standard dues, please write in the amount at the bottom of the membership form. 
Annual Household Income                      Suggested Percentage of Full Cost 
Less than $20,000                                       25% (or whatever you feel you can afford) 
$20,000 to $45,000                                     50% 
$45,000 to $70,000                                     75% 
$70,000 and up                                           100% (or more--see below**)

**For those who can afford more, we hope you will consider becoming a sustaining member by paying an additional $500 or more on top of the standard dues amount--thank you!

You can split your dues into multiple installments in the payment section. You will be directed to the payment section after you submit the membership form information. 

If you would like to have a conversation about membership before submitting an application, please reach out to Amy Stein, amy@cbinorthampton.org.

Yahrzeit Information
It is custom of the congregation to read the names of loved ones who are no longer with us on the anniversary of their passing.  You will be notified via mail from the CBI Office of the Hebrew date of your loved one’s death unless you specify the English/Gregorian date. 

“Havurah: An Experiment in Jewish Gathering” is an initiative hosted by Congregation B’nai Israel that supports the development of homegrown, peer-led, Jewish gatherings. The goal of this initiative is to provide a platform for people to fill in gaps they experience in current Jewish programming and offerings by providing the structure and support for gathering and forming mini-communities that foster deep, caring, supportive relationships.

Viist the CBI website havurah page to learn more about the current groups: www.cbinorthampton.org/havurah.

Please indicate which groups you would like to learn more about:

Please select a membership level from the options below if you are paying standard dues. If you prefer to write in a non-standard dues amount, do not choose a membership level and write in the amount in the following box instead. 
Checks can be made out to Congregation B'nai Israel with "Membership contribution" in the memo line.
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