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ALMA means 'world' in Aramaic and 'soul' in Ladino. At ALMA, we believe that Judaism matters, and that Jewish life and tradition has the potential to add profound meaning and richness to the lives of our students and families. We take a fresh approach to Jewish education. We engage our students' neshama (soul) and empower our students to engage with Jewish tradition as a lens for awe, wonder, and action in the world (olam or alma). 

Our dynamic curriculum engages students in an active exploration of Jewish values, Jewish time, and Jewish customs. Our students learn songs and prayers, create ritual objects, and get their hands dirty on our chava (farm). Our Ivrit (Hebrew) specialist works with ALMA students to learn fluent decoding and our Tefillah (prayer) specialist helps students build familiarity with traditional Jewish prayers. This year, our COVID adapted curriculum focuses on bringing these elements in-home with distance learning and engaging khuggim (electives).

We believe that our students must genuinely enjoy themselves in order to learn and develop a love of Jewish life and tradition. Our passionate staff works hard to create a culture that is joyful, in which our students and their families feel respected, engaged and inspired.

ALMA is a diverse community. We are proud to have LGBTQIA, BIPOC, blended and interfaith families. CBI Membership is not a pre-requisite for participation in ALMA. 


The world is sustained solely through the breath of the children when they are learning in school alongside their teachers. – Talmud, Shabbat 119b

ALMA Leadership
Rabbi Jacob Fine, Director of Jewish Life

CBI Education Committee
A standing committee within the synagogue, the Education Committee has the responsibility for planning and oversight of the religious school and youth programs and supports and advises the Director and Assistant Director of Jewish Life in their roles within these programs.  We support the development and implementation of curricula and learning models that spark or rekindle a lifelong passion for Jewish learning.  We prioritize the integration of the Jewish learning experience with all facets of CBI’s Vision.  Please contact Director of Jewish Life Jacob Fine at for more information.

Mon, July 26 2021 17 Av 5781