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Shared Abundance Gardens 2021

Welcome, we are so glad you're here! 
Never gardened before? This is the project for you. 
Master gardener?  This is also the project for you. 
Excited to build a caring, resilient community?  This is definitely the project for you. 
(Make one up! Otherwise, we will just refer to it as "Your Last Name Garden.")
Would you like anyone else in your household to receive the emails about Shared Abundance Gardens?  You can list them below as additional gardeners with you.
Abundance Farm is interested in knowing where all the Shared Abundance Gardens are, so we better understand which neighborhoods are being served. We will not share this information with anyone else without asking you first.  (If you're not comfortable giving us a street address, feel free to make one up!)

Resources from Abundance Farm

(It's ok to skip this question, but here are some things to think about: How big is your space? How much sun does it get? What are your biggest concerns? What are your dreams?)
(All of these will be available to you, whether you check them right now or not. Check as many as you want, or none.)

Commitments From Gardens

(Check any of the options that you think you could do and have time for.)

Almost Done!

Thank you!

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Thu, October 21 2021 15 Cheshvan 5782