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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

After more than a year of closure due to COVID, Gan Keshet Preschool at CBI is opening its doors once again! In response to the in-flux of new young families to the area and the growing need for early childhood education and care, we are excited to announce that we are expanding. For the 2021-22 school year, we are opening a third, beautiful classroom, Kitah Garin (Seed Classroom in Hebrew). This year, we will welcome 35 families and 9 teaching faculty to join us at our special school!

Like much of the growth and development that happens at preschool, opening our doors will take many helping hands. As we like to say at Gan Keshet, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” We hope to have the support of our amazing CBI community as our largest and most diverse class of preschool children and families joins us on campus, to fill our halls, classrooms, gardens and play areas with love, light and laughter once again!

How can you help?
We’ve created a short list of equipment that will help us as we re-open. 

Take a look below at some of the items and donate if you can! 
We are so very grateful for your help!

Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Please note: this form will prompt you to pay by credit card, unless you are logged in to your CBI account, in which case you will have the option to bill to your account. If you'd prefer to mail a donation check, please send/make payable to Gan Keshet Preschool at 253 Prospect St. Northampton, MA 01060. If you can, please put "GK fundraiser" in the memo line."

All gifts are tax-deductible and a tax receipt will be provided to you.

Donor Info

Items You Can Donate Towards!

Any funds in excess of what we need to make these purchases will go directly to
The Leonard & Bernice Alberts Memorial Preschool Scholarship Fund.
Collapsible Canvas Wagons
Cost: $144/wagon
Quantity: 2

How many mittens, hats, jackets, boots, backpacks, clipboards, crayons, journals, pencils, first aid kits, balls, buckets, magnifying glasses, baskets, and bubble wands fit in one wagon? A lot! And our teachers rely on these to move their supplies to and fro over the course of the day. Lend your support and help them pull their load with ease!

Portable Tables for Classrooms
Cost: $54/ table
Quantity: 6 (2 for each classroom)

Help us provide portable, light-weight tables for our teaching staff to use throughout our outdoor space--to set up provocations for the children, provide space for an art exploration or a clean, dry surface for lunch. 

Portable Indoor Sink
Cost: $2143
Quantity: 1

This will be a key part of our new Kitah Garin classroom! In the course of any school year, easy access to a handwashing station for young children is so important, but of course, now more than ever, hand washing is even more critical. Help keep little hands clean, and everyone in our program healthy!

Great Gear for Our Intrepid Educators and Our Adventurous Kids!

Goal: To provide as many rain suits, extra mittens, boots, etc. for our children, and rain/snow pants, boots and/or warm jackets for our teachers, as we can!

Our teaching staff and our students are nature explorers--a little rain, a bit of snow, a lot of mud--it never stops our determined adventurers! This year, the bulk of our school day will be spent outside, helping children and teachers deepen their connection to the natural world.

We hope to purchase at least 15 child-size rain/mud suits to support children/families in need. We would also like to support our staff, who spend a large portion of their day outside with the children, with warm, weather-resistant clothing--adult-sized rain/snow pants, boots and/or extra warm jackets. 

Help us reach our goal of keeping everyone at Gan Keshet warm, dry and focused on hands-on learning, no matter what Mother Nature brings our way!

The Leonard & Bernice Memorial Preschool Scholarship Fund makes a Jewish Preschool experience accessible and affordable to an average of five to ten families per school year. This year, the need for financial assistance was higher than usual. Your support means so much to us!


Mon, June 14 2021 4 Tammuz 5781