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Reparations and CBI: A Dialogue Sponsored by the Congregation B'nai Israel Tikkun Olam Reparations Working Group


Speakers on Reparations with the CBI Cafe Series, including Rabbi Devorah Jacobson of the JCA, Kathleen Anderson of New England N'COBRA, and others

Sundays, October 3–November 28

11 AM–12 PM


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The Stolen Beam Series: A 5-Week Series Considering Reparations for African-American Descendants of Slavery

Join this 6 week series originally developed by the Reparations Subcommittee of JCA's Tzedek Racial Justice Committee for an opportunity to study and reflect on some of the writings of prominent thought leaders on the topic of Reparations for African-Americans as a path to restorative justice, including a review of the Case for Reparations. This is a survey of writings on the topic, not an advocacy for a particular position.

Sundays, October 17, 24, November 7, 14, 21

7:00–8:15 PM


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CBI Tikkun Olam Committee Shabbaton on Reparations

December 11–12

More information coming soon!

On June 13, 2021, the CBI Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a Resolution in support of the CBI community examining the history and case for reparations in this country and what Jewish texts bring to the topic. Below is the text of the Resolution:


We ask the following from the CBI Board:

1. Recognize the important work of the Abundance Farm and CBI Tikkun Olam Reparations Working Group (henceforth called the Tikkun Olam Reparations Working Group):

  • Exploring the history and case for reparations in this country; 

  • Looking at the case for reparations in the Torah and other Jewish texts;

  • Reviewing the history of slavery and racism here in the Valley and the connection of Jewish communities in the Valley to that history;

  • Researching examples of reparations work nationally and locally; 

  • Forming subcommittees to carry out the work going forward. 

2. Endorse the Tikkun Olam Reparations Working Group's plan to engage with the broader CBI community over the course of the next year to bring a range of voices to this discussion and learn together about reparations and what our unique roles and responsibilities are, as a community, to redressing the historic and continuing inequities in our society.

The Tikkun Olam Reparations Working Group will periodically report to the Board on the progress of their work and commit to bringing back a plan for CBI’s organizational commitment to reparations.


For questions and comments, e-mail Rebecca Leung at

Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782