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Event Request Form for Lay Leaders

Please fill out this form in order to reserve a room or host an event on the CBI campus:

You must submit this form at least 3 week before the date of your event or room request. If you submit this form any closer to the date of the event or room request, we cannot guarantee our administrative support.  Thank you for your understanding.

Required reading to host an event at CBI:
Event Request Information           

Kitchen and Kosher Policies

You must read this document before continuing to fill out the form!
Decisions about dates will be based on staff availability, holidays, and the CBI schedule of program and events. 
Our security system requires the use of a fob to enter; if staff are not present in the building when you need to access it, we will need to make a plan for how you can enter the building.
Please be as detailed as possible.
This will enable you to collect donations, email addresses, and other information.
Please check all rooms that you would like to use for your event. 
Tell us the start and end time for all spaces you need. These times will include setup and cleanup. If you need the kitchen on certain days before the event, please let us know what days and times so we can reserve it for you.
Let us know how you would like the space(s) set up with chairs and tables, if you will have volunteers available to help with setup, and what time they will arrive. 
In an effort to provide increased security during events and services, we have formed a Community Security Team (CST). This is a shared endeavor. Groups organizing an event are required to provide 2-3 volunteers per 1.5 hours of an event to staff security. The CST will orient and train the volunteers.
Please check all that apply:
Please check all that apply:
Will you serve food? If so, do you plan to hire a caterer; order prepared food; or make it yourself? Let us know what you plan to serve and what questions you have. 
Check all that apply
Include the title, date, time, location, brief description, link to register, and name of host.


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