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Letter to the Community Regarding Rafah

05/29/2024 11:24:29 AM


Rabbi Ariella and Rabib Jacob

Dear Friends,  

Each week on Shabbat mornings, we share our prayers and hopes through a prayer for Israel written after October 7. We pray for the immediate release of hostages, that Israel’s leaders prioritize pursuing peace, and for the safety of those charged with protecting their loved ones. We also utter the prayer that we “hold the humanity and the heartache of the Jewish people while also holding the humanity and the...Read more...

Introducing Our Rabbinic Candidates

03/27/2024 03:11:47 PM


Rabbinic Search Committee

Dear CBI Community,

You are warmly invited to join the CBI Rabbinic Search Committee in welcoming the prospective candidates for the role of Rabbi for Spiritual and Ritual Life: Rabbi Yosef Berman and Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein on April 19-20 and May 3-4, respectively. 

While we are still firming up the complete schedules for each weekend, you can prepare for the...Read more...

Letter to the CBI Community Regarding Israel and Palestine

03/01/2024 08:22:30 AM


CBI Leadership

Dear Beloved CBI Community Members, 

Last night in our weekly “Living a Meaningful Jewish Life” course, Rabbi Ariella and the group studied the moment in the Torah when the patriarch Jacob receives the name Israel and is told, “for you have struggled with being both human and divine and prevailed.” (Genesis 32:29) Jacob struggled, and emerged on the other side changed, but intact. To be B’nai Israel...Read more...

Letter to the Community

11/17/2023 03:01:07 PM


CBI Leadership

Dear CBI Community,

Over these past difficult weeks we have been hearing from many of you about your pain, your grief, your aspirations, as well as your hopes for how the CBI community can meet you in your needs. We have deeply appreciated hearing from all of your voices - through letters, meetings, conversations, phone calls - that span across the political spectrum. We continue to believe even in this hard moment...Read more...

Letter to the Community

10/24/2023 04:24:21 PM


CBI Leadership

Dear CBI Community,

It has been a deeply painful couple of weeks since the Hamas attacks on Israel on the morning of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah (October 7), and the ensuing war in Gaza. We have cried, prayed, and sat with many of you in our collective grief, fear, and pain. We have hosted multiple gathering spaces to support one another with our immensity of feelings. That will all continue, for as long as needed.  We are here...Read more...

Come to a Community Listening Session

10/06/2023 10:00:56 AM


Search Committee

Dear CBI Community,

Thank you to 200+ of you who have already taken the Rabbinic Needs Assessment survey that was sent out in August. We’re already noticing a few trends: Ritual, spiritual life, and pastoral care are the biggest areas that you, our community, have prioritized so far. 

This needs assessment is only the first step to understanding the role we are looking to fill with a new spiritual or ritual...Read more...

An Update from our Co-Presidents

09/14/2023 06:11:50 PM


Stan Schapiro and Barbara Black

Dear CBI Members and Friends,

CBI is buzzing with energy and excitement as we prepare for the start of a new year and the High Holy Days.  In that spirit we are writing with an update on our financial picture and Rabbi search. We are taking a number of steps to strengthen our finances and keep them on a firmer foundation going forward. We deeply appreciate the work of the Board of Directors, CBI professional staff, and committee...Read more...

The Rabbinic Search Committee Wants to Hear From You! 

08/10/2023 01:52:18 PM


Rabbinic Search Committee Co-chairs

Dear CBI Community,

We so appreciate your patience, grace, and dedication throughout this time of transition at CBI. When Rabbi Justin David first announced his departure, it’s likely that many questions—some of them logistical, some of them emotional—came to your mind. 

What does this mean for our growing community? Who should we hire? When will they begin? Will they be the right fit? 

As the Rabbinic...

Watch the recording of Rabbi David's Goodbye Party

07/11/2023 03:22:53 PM


CBI Office

If you were unable to attend Rabbi Justin's goodbye-and-gratitude party on June 18th, 2023 it it now available to view at this Youtube link: https://youtu.be/esZRACsfzuc


CBI Financial Update

07/07/2023 11:00:01 AM


CBI Leadership

Dear CBI Members and Friends,

We are writing today to provide you with an update on our financial status at CBI. Those of you who attended the annual meeting a few weeks ago are aware that we are currently in a challenging financial environment. At our last Board meeting, we passed a budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year that we believe is a responsible and balanced budget based upon the realities of our current revenue and expenses. It...Read more...

Please Read: CBI Financial Update

07/07/2023 10:59:51 AM


Dear CBI Members and Friends,

We are writing today to provide you with an update on our financial status at CBI. Those of you who attended the annualRead more...

Rabbinic Transition at Congregation B'nai Israel Update

07/02/2023 03:00:48 PM


CBI Leadership

Dear Friends,

Many of us came together last month on Shavuot for a memorable evening of learning “Torah from the ground up.” Together we identified that each of us has Torah and wisdom to offer, and our community is not complete without all our gifts. With the gifts and strengths of our clergy, professional staff, and lay leaders in mind, our Board of Directors has decided to move forward without the addition...Read more...

Farm Oven Update:

06/23/2023 05:05:10 PM


Emily Kieval, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to share that, following our festive celebration for Rabbi David on Sunday evening, the cob oven on Abundance Farm burned down early Monday morning. Miraculously, no one was hurt, and nothing else on the Farm was affected. The Beetan (covered patio) remains completely intact. 

On Sunday night, we hosted over 300 people for Rabbi David's goodbye-and-gratitude party. As part of the celebration,...Read more...


05/18/2023 04:00:13 PM


Rabbinic Transition Committee

As we shared in our first email and blog post, the transition committee is ensuring key areas that will need community support after Rabbi David departs. If you're interested in helping maintain the ritual life and well-being of the shul, step right up!    The CBI Ritual Committee ensures that the services and rituals at CBI are conducted smoothly within the established traditions of Conservative Judaism, in conjunction...Read more...

An Update from the Rabbinic Transition committee

05/01/2023 10:00:13 AM


Rabbinic Transition Committee

Dear community, 

Our congregation is currently in a time of flux. We’re thankful to have Rabbi Justin David back from his sabbatical, but are very aware there is much to do prior to his departure at the end of June. We on the Transition Committee know that to make this process as smooth as possible, we need to be as communicative and transparent as possible.

We want to be thoughtful and...

RE: Rabbinic Transition at CBI

04/26/2023 08:11:53 PM


Rabbinic Transition Committee

Dear Friends, 

In February, we shared that Rabbi Justin David will be moving on from CBI and starting a new journey as the Dean of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College. At that time, we also shared that the CBI leadership team is here and working to support the community throughout the upcoming time of transition after Justin departs on June 30. In the meantime, Rabbi David shortened his sabbatical and has...Read more...

Rabbinic Transition at Congregation B’nai Israel

02/24/2023 01:58:10 PM


Dear Friends, We are writing with important community news to share. After 21 years as the Rabbi of Congregation B’nai Israel, Rabbi Justin David has accepted the position of Dean of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College, to begin on July 1, 2023. While we are excited for Rabbi David, we will miss his extraordinary leadership at CBI. The CBI leadership team is here to support our community...Read more...


11/04/2022 12:46:00 PM


Pamela Schwartz


In partnership with Jewish Family Service
Jewish Family Service (JFS) has brought to our attention that recently arrived Haitian families are living in hotels and overcrowded apartments in the Valley. Because they are not considered "refugees" by the US government, they are not eligible for many benefits. JFS is providing...Read more...

Announcing CHALLAH: New classes for teens 8th - 11th grade!

09/09/2022 11:33:07 AM


We are very excited to announce that enrollment is now open for our brand new teen education program called CHALLAH! At no point in recent history has CBI held regular, ongoing classes for teens beyond the b'nai mitzvah age, and we are glad that we can now provide those in grades 8th - 11th an opportunity to sink their teeth...Read more...

Work begins at the new building! 

09/07/2022 03:05:55 PM


[Photo credit: Shana Surek]

We are excited to announce that renovations are underway at the newest addition to the CBI campus: 237 Prospect St., former home to the city water department and therefore known by some as the "Mayim Building" (Hebrew for water). CBI...Read more...

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784