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05/18/2023 04:00:13 PM


Rabbinic Transition Committee

As we shared in our first email and blog post, the transition committee is ensuring key areas that will need community support after Rabbi David departs. If you're interested in helping maintain the ritual life and well-being of the shul, step right up! 
The CBI Ritual Committee ensures that the services and rituals at CBI are conducted smoothly within the established traditions of Conservative Judaism, in conjunction with our Rabbis. The Committee also cares for and initiates purchases of our ritual objects. Join if you can help coordinate the logistics of davening and leyning volunteers for shabbat and festival services—with a particular emphasis on making our services meaningful—love halacha, or want to learn more about our rituals. 
The CBI Adult Education Committee helps develop learning opportunities, including presentations, classes, and study sessions related to Jewish life, Jewish ritual and other topics of importance to our CBI community. Join if you love to read Torah or Haftorah and want to teach others to do so, want to give classes on drashing, or come up with exciting new classes for our community on topics like philosophy, current events, literature, and beyond. 
Contact Stan Schapiro ( to learn more or join either committee.
We ask that you, our community, continue to be generous with your time and your talents during this interim period—we will all gain strength and inspiration from a genuine community effort. We hope every person will find a connection and a way to contribute!
Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784