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Organizational Financials

CBI is a not-for-profit institution that has an annual budget of about $1.8 million. It is home to a USCJ-affiliated synagogue, a licensed preschool program and Abundance Farm. Our budget supports all aspects of our extensive list of programs, including full- and part-time professional staff, maintenance of our campus buildings and grounds and all the administrative work that keeps us going. This year 83% of our budget is personnel salaries and benefits. 

Here’s a breakdown of our expenses by program. (FY 2024 Budget)                     And here is where the money comes from (FY 2024 Budget)

Notice that tuition and fees cover only a portion of program costs. For example, ALMA religious school tuition pays for about half of the direct costs of running that program. Gan Keshet Preschool is also subsidized by the CBI budget. Our member dues cover about 30% of the total costs in our current budget. Some members pay standard dues, some pay more, and some pay less. Some join our Sustainers Program and commit to contributing at least $500 or more each year beyond their regular dues. The rest of our income comes from annual fundraising, program fees and grants. Finally, we are fortunate to have some modest endowment funds that are used to support various programs and the operating budget.

Our community is committed to transparency about our budget and financial health.

Current 2023-2024 Financial Information: Budget vs. Actual Summary



Youth and Family Education & Engagement
Abundance Farm
Adult Education



Youth and Family Education & Engagement
Abundance Farm
Buildings & Grounds
Professional Staff
Other Operating
Program Expenses/QBXX uncoded



July 2023-February 2024 Actuals







July 2023-June 2024 Full Year Budget







Dues Income FY 2022- FY2024

July 2021-June 2022


July 2022-June 2023


July 2023-February 2024 (2/3 through the year)


Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784