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From Rabbi David: Supporting Irida

03/31/2021 09:44:04 PM


Dear Friends, 


In the midst of Passover, we hope that the connections you were able to make and the discussions you were able to have at your seders turned your attention to how we bring healing to the world and make z'man cherutenu, the Season of our Freedom, a daily practice and living reality. 


Today we learned that after nearly three years since Irida Kakhtiranova sought and received sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Northampton and Florence, her case has been reopened and she is free to rejoin her family! The family will be reunited without fear of Irida’s arrest as her lawyers continue working to resolve his case.


It is going to take considerable time for Irida to re-establish her family business after she returns home, and so we are asking for your help to provide them with one last provision of food assistance during the pandemic. The CBI community has been generous over the past nearly-three years, and we hope will continue to be a source of support this one last time.


Please consider continuing to provide food assistance to Irida and her family by:

 Writing a tax-deductible check to "USNF," with check's memo line reading "Sanctuary Fund/from CBI." The funds will be used exclusively for Irida's food support. You can send the check by regular mail to "USNF, 220 Main St. Northampton, MA, 01060." 


Thank you for taking this opportunity to consider this mitzvah.  


 Moadim l'Simchah,

 Wishing you a holiday of joy and connection,

 Rabbi Justin David & the Sanctuary Committee


If you prefer, you may go online to the USNF website ( ), click on the “donate” link, and fill in the amount you wish to contribute in the line that reads, “sanctuary.These funds will be used exclusively for Irida’s needs. If you wish to, you may use the “donation is in honor of” box to indicate that your contribution is for Irida’s food needs and is from a CBI member.

Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784